Release Notes

The SimplyOn team moves fast!  We are making improvements weekly.  Please reference the below release notes to see what's new, what pesky software bugs have been fixed and what's coming soon.

Release v2.8.2_8/10/22


  • SM-128 Full screen option - Users now have the option to change the screen share to a full screen view
  • SM-358 Call Control accessibility in full screen share mode
  • SM-184 Pre-Call lobby login


  • SM-262 No video in meeting for specific attendees
  • SM-339 Invalid meeting id error 
  • SM-45 Long load times when joining meeting 
  • SM-38 Chat attachment preview not showing in chat panel 
  • SM-108 Audio cuts out when switching microphone device
  • SM-154 SSO on Edge takes two tries to login
  • SM-199 SIP passcode for host is different from participants
  • SM-244 Unable to get a recording to play 
  • SM-319 Chat messages missing upon sign in 

Release v2.7.9_8/3/22


  • SM-264 Authentication Process Rework - Simplified the authentication process to ensure all each flow was properly handled. 
  • SM-265 Pre-Call Lobby Page Rework 


  • SM-330 Client Exceptions and 500 error when joining
  • SM-341 Display name not populating in lobby 

Coming Soon

  • Calendar Integration Plugin for Google Calendar
  • Annual Bill Pay
  • Easily allow users to report call issues
  • Referral Links
  • Notify dial-in users when they are muted 
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