Calendar Integration

Are you a calendar junky?  No problem!  LiveSwitch Video has you covered with our calendar integration tool.  Once you schedule a meeting you can select which calendar you want to sync the meeting to.  From there you can invite others right from your calendar or manage the meeting without logging in.  Below are some quick instructions.  

  1. Once you are logged in Click on the Schedule a Meeting tab from the Meetings page
  2. Click on the blue New Meeting button in blue
  3. Create your meeting by adding the necessary details such as name, date, time, etc.
  4. Press the Save button in blue
  5. A pop up box will appear letting you know your meeting was successfully created and provide you with lots of options
  6. You can choose to copy the link to the meeting by directly by clicking on the Copy/Paste icon, or add the meeting to your preferred online calendar of choice.
  7. If using Google Calendar, clicking on the Google Calendar button will directly take you to Google’s site, where the meeting’s link and the date and time are displayed. Press the Save button to add the meeting to your calendar
  8. If using Outlook Calendar, clicking on the Outlook Calendar button will open an invite file in the lower left corner of your screen. After clicking this file, press the OK popup, and you will be directed to your Outlook Calendar, with your meeting’s link and the date and time automatically saved
  9. If using Apple Calendar, clicking on the Apple Calendar button will automatically save the meeting link to your calendar, as well as the date and time of your meeting

Our Google Calendar Plugin is COMING SOON!!!  Stay Tuned! 

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